Thursday, May 26, 2011

Double happiness !!

I'm happy to see my bunny Daisy (with her name and flowers embroidered on foot pads) is featured on the current issue of Teddy Bear Times (Jun/Jul 2011) !

Teddy Bear Times (Issue 193)

Besides, BoBo has arrived his new home in Belgium, a lovely place with delicious chocolates. I'm so excited for him (^O^) Be good and don't eat too much (you already looks so round) !!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new design

Finished my new design with bigger head and cute face, let's welcome Lollipop and Bao Bao the panda. 
For more photos and details, please visit:

Lollipop (10inches) made from pink mohair and white alpaca

Bao Bao (10.25 inches) made from black mohair and white alpaca

Bao Bao and Lollipop

Besides, BoBo who made his debut on my banner is now also available for adoption, wanna be his new mom ?

BoBo (9.75inches) made from lavender straight mohair
Time to work on my bears, hope to show you more new creations soon !