Thursday, November 19, 2009

1st Place winner in single miniature bear of 2009 TTBCA

It was my first time (Nov 14) participating in bear competition (2009 Taiwan Teddy Bear Show & Creative Awards). Luckily, my bear (Fairy ----- love green) won the First Place in single miniature bear category !!!

I'm so delighted that my work has won recognition. It's a great encouragement to me. I 'll learn more and show my devotion to artist bears with better work.

Winners of 2009 Taiwan Teddy Bear Creative Awards :

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fairy ------ love green

Here comes my miniature bear (13.5cm), which is one of the nominees of 2009 Taiwan Teddy Bear Show & Creative Awards.

The process of making the open mouth was quite painstaking so as to get the shape right. What materials to use for a pair of wings was another challenge.
It took me much time & effort from designing, sewing to dressing, though the bear size is small. Attention to details is of utter importance in making miniature.

It's my first time participating in artist bear competition, I'm delighted that my creation is nominated in miniature bear.

Public online voting of 2009 Taiwan Teddy Bear Show & Creative Awards has started (26 Oct ~ 6 Nov). If you like my handmade bear : Fairy ------ love green (A-05) of category A (miniature bear), give her a vote, thanks :)