Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 TBAAF Awards

This year's TBAAF award winners have been announced and Cherry Plum has won 5th place in "It's a Costume Party" category : ) Thanks for your support of the awards by casting a vote and congratulations to all the winning entries!

Besides, Holly is now on his way to meet his new mom in USA, he must be very excited as he's going to celebrate a white Christmas with his sweet family!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good shows

These five bears have found loving new moms at the Teddies Worldwide Christmas show (from left to right, Angelina, Grape, Charlie and Foxy) and Bears That Care charity show ("Loving Heart", mini panda), thanks for those who visited the shows and also the organizers for their hard work!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Show bears of TW Christmas online show

Promised to display my show bears when the Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures online show opens. Altogether I've made nine bears from 4" to 10", here they are and two of them have already found new homes. So don't hesitate to visit the show from now till Nov 18 at: to see all the wonderful creations by 80+ bear artists from around the world!

Mao Mao (7.75 inches)
Chestnut (8.25 inches, bended legs)
Sakura (8 inches)
Kiwi (4 inches)
Jujube (4 inches)
Foxy (6 inches), adopted
Charlie (5 inches), adopted
Grape (7.25 inches), adopted
Angelina (10 inches), adopted

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preview bear for Teddies Worldwide Christmas show

Please accept my apologies that I haven't posted new blog for six months!!! Although I'm a bit lazy on writing, I've been working hard on new bears and gifts for the coming Teddies Worldwide Christmas Treasures online show (Nov 16-18).

Here comes my show preview bear, Angelina, and she represents a Christmas carol: Let it snow!

Angelina brings with her faith, hope and love to U

It's the first online show that YuYu Bear participates in! I have finished 8 bears and 6 gifts especially for the show that will begin on Nov 16 at 4pm New York time. Please mark your calendar so you won't miss the chance to adopt beautiful bears created by 85 artists from around the world. Voting for your favorite bear has begun, be sure to visit to catch the holiday spirit!

Only a few days left, and hopefully I'll finish one more bear. So I'd have nine bears from 4" to 10" and crocheted bear gifts including bear photo clips, Christmas socks and key holders. When the show begins I can post more photos here as those "under wraps" show pieces are opened for adoption then.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beesy and Buddy

Beesy and Buddy (both 11"), my themed bears for this springtime.

I like fluffy mohair and used it to make a bee bear and a ladybird bear. They were fun to make, the wired antennas have matching color wool felted balls attached. For their bodies, I made a pair of wings from light yellow wool felted sheets for the bee, and needle felted black spots onto the beetle's body. They remind me of the nature's beauty, and it's time to go out and have fun : )

Buddy, the ladybug bear

To know more about Buddy, please visit:

Beesy, the bee bear

And for Beesy's adoption details, you're welcome to visit:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter bunny and big bear

My lop-eared bunny, Chiffon (9 inches tall)

Easter is coming, I'd like you to meet Chiffon, a very sweet bunny made from chinchilla Tissavel faux fur, with needle felted eyelids. Love the fur, it really suits her!

with beautiful handmade adornment on head

To make her more girlish, I made her a headband with matching color ribbons & adornments which is tied to her head and can be removed. 

Bunny Chiffon is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:

Rupert, with my signature puffy cheeks and a round needle felted nose.

Besides, a big bear (15.5") was born and has arrived his sweet new home. Rupert who is a commissioned bear made from brown and white alpaca, big and cuddly!!

Comparison of my big bear with mini bear, Rupert (15.5") vs Red Bean (3.5").

And one of my "dim sum" bears, Green Tea was off to Austria, leaving his girlfriend Red Bean behind.

If you'd like to bring her to your sweet new home, please visit:

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Dim Sum" bears and commissioned orders

Green Tea (4.25") and Red Bean (3.5"), sending love and bear hugs
Please meet Green Tea and Red Bean, my "dim sum" bear series. Both are made from white alpaca, green and red mohair. I think the mini bamboo steamers are really cute for these little fellows. Hope they bring you smiles : ) 
For adoption details:

Judy and HY (about 6"), altered from my previous creations
And this set of bear couple is altered from " The B Trio" to become a pair of wedding bears as requested. For the groom, a ribbon bow and three red beads are added to the body. While for the bride, beautiful laces are used to make the wedding gown and veil. Besides, their names and wedding date are embroidered on foot pads to commemorate the Happy Day (^O^)

A.W. (4"), a commissioned bear made from Schulte silk mohair
I'd also like to introduce A.W., this sweet little bear wears a light blue lace tutu and a yellow striped scarf, with initials embroidered on foot pads. I enjoy making such small sized bear that can be held in hand. Mostly, I make bears from mini (3") to medium (10") sizes, but I've just got a commissioned order of a 15 inches bear, a change for me. I placed an order of fabric for making it, can't wait to receive the fabric and start sewing!