Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter bears

Cherry Plum (the Red Riding Hood) and Cotton Candy (the snow angel)

Here comes my latest design, two winter themed girlish bears, please meet Cherry Plum and Cotton Candy : ) Haven't used my crochet needle for a while, as it's a bit chilly now, wanna crochet something pretty to keep my bear warm. So I crocheted a red cape for Cherry Plum to complete her innocent look. Besides, I like to try something new from time to time, I added eyelashes to my bear for the first time which made her more charming! She's now looking for a new home:

Cherry Plum (10") with crocheted red cape

For Cotton Candy, this little angel wears a feathered skirt and a pair of feathered wings, with a green wreath secured on her head. She's a peaceful sweetie who brings with her love to warm people's heart! If you'd like to bring her home:

Cotton Candy (5") with feathered wings and skirt

Christmas is coming, I'm busy knitting and crocheting, have already knitted a few ruffled scarf and crocheted hats as presents. Then, I'd like to crochet a shawl for myself, will start working on it, hope to show you some photos on my next post ...........  

Monday, November 21, 2011

BBAA and Pretty Toys

DaDa, 1st place (International artist) British Bear Artist Awards
I'm so thrilled that my panda, DaDa has won first place in British Bear Artist Awards (International category). And I'm delighted to know what the judges said about my bear:

"Delightful airbrushing on the eyes",  "Beautifully cub like",  "Wonderful shaping on the face". These valuable comments are an encouragement to me, and I'll keep designing and creating more lovable bears and friends in the coming year : )

Besides, I'd like to share with you a feature of YuYu Bear on the latest issue of "Pretty Toys" magazine from Russia (English version) No.4-2011.

Artist profile of YuYu Bear on Pretty Toys

Article written in both Russian and English

Photos of my creations and descriptions

A full page photo of my first ellie, Rosie

For 30 days you can download the digital version of "Pretty Toys" for free:  

Don't miss the chance!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn bears

Tarocco and Morello, my autumn bears
Here are my autumn themed designs, Tarocco (left) and Morello (right). Have kept the two pieces of beautiful color mohair for a while, the colors are just so great for creating seasonal bears!

Tarocco (10.25")
Tarocco is made from orange nectar color tipped mohair. I tied a wired ribbon with pumpkin pattern around her neck in a bow, hope you like her : )
She is now available for adoption:

Morello (7.25")
Morello is made from autumn leaves color Japanese mohair, and he has been adopted. 
Hope you like this mixed color of maple in fall and enjoy the season : )

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas themed bears

Though I'm still working on autumn themed bears, I've finished three Christmas bears and they're delighted to say "Merry Christmas" (a bit early) to my blog readers.

Let's meet Rudolphmade from white string mohair, is inspired by a white Christmas. I needle felted his muzzle, nose & mouth, and named him Rudolph because of the big red nose. His ear pads are hand shaded in green, and he wears a big red bell around his neck. Besides, his paw pads are made from checkered cloth in matching colours.

Rudolph is about 10.25 inches tall.

Twinkle is made from white curled mohair & antique blue wavy kid mohair. I gave her eyes a bit of hand shading in blue as she’s a panda. Besides, I needle felted her muzzle, nose and mouth. Her paw pads are made from ivory wool felt and needle sculpted. She wears a crystal bell ornament from Swarovski to match the Christmas theme.

Twinkle is about 8.25 inches tall.

Holly, the Santa’s helper, is about 6.25 inches tall and 8.25” with hat. Besides yellow alpaca for head, red and green mohair is used to make him a Christmas themed bear. I needle felted his nose in brown with tiny holly on it to reinforce his image. He wears matching color embellishment around his neck and a red hat to complete his characteristic look.

Holly is about 6.25 inches tall and 8.25” with hat.

They are now available for adoption on my Etsy shop:

My Halloween bear

Here comes my Halloween design, Mollie, a sweet (not scary) panda witch, made from white alpaca and apricot mohair.

Mollie is about 6.25 inches tall and 7.5” with hat.

Usually, I scissor sculpt puffy cheeks for my bears. However, as I'd like to practise more on needle felting, I not only felted her a round nose, but also needle felted the muzzle and mouth.

She wears a cat pendant and a witch hat.

She is now available for adoption on my etsy shop: 

She has amber glass eyes and hand shading around the eyes.

Halloween reminds me of witch, black cat, Jack-o'-lantern, pumpkin, fallen leaves and ............... autumn. I'm working on autumn themed bears, stay tuned.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

With Love: a charity bear

With Love (11cm): a bear that cares

With Love is 11cm tall, made from sparse mohair. He's a charity bear for Bears That Care 2011, sending the message - compassion and caring for women with cancer.

He is holding a heart which is made from vintage velvet rayon, as he’s a “bear that cares”, and comes with a bamboo steamer. 

The 2011 Bears That Care charity auction of hand-crafted bears will be held on Nov 16, in support of ovarian cancer research, education and awareness. For more information about the charity auction, please visit:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Feature on emerging teddy artists

I've received the latest issue of Teddy Bear and Friends and I'm excited to read the article introducing nine up-and-coming bear artists, with me and the photo of Bao Bao the panda being featured (^O^). When I flip through the magazine, I'm surprised to find that Bao Bao is also featured on the content page, I feel so honored!

Content page of Teddy Bear and Friends (Fall 2011)

Feature on New Teddy Bear Artists

YuYu Bear is featured with Bao Bao representing my bear style

You're welcome to visit the TB&F website ( for answers to a bonus question: "Do you have any bear making friends or other artists that you admire?"

Friday, July 22, 2011

New bears and an elephant

Finally, I've finished 6 bears and friends for this month, sorry for keep you waiting !

Let me first introduce my favorite : Oceanna (about 8 inches tall) and babe doll. I tied a bow of ribbon on her head to match her antique blue wavy kid mohair. Besides, I made her a cuddly babe doll to accompany her, which is about 3 inches tall, made from pink sassy with needle felted muzzle and milk bottle. This baby is the smallest bear I've ever made and is also fully cotter pin jointed. Though it's not easy to make miniatures, I'd like to try making even smaller bears as I've got very tiny cotter pin joints.
Oceanna (8") and babe doll (3")

Dimo on the left(about 5.25 inches tall) is made from beige short mink faux fur, has already been adopted. Suma on the right (about 4.25 inches tall) is made from Schulte silk mohair. Though they are brothers, Dimo is an amusing contrast to Suma. Both are inspired by “dim sum”, a type of Chinese meal, and their names, too. Suma comes with the bamboo steamer. 
Dimo (5.25", adopted) and Suma (4.25")

In addition to the babe doll shown in the first photo, I made a completely different miniature from the same pattern. I'd like you to meet Jester (about 4 inches tall with hat secured on head) who is made from pink sassy for head, and vintage velvet rayon for body, limbs and hat. His face is needle felted with a big clown nose and smile. He has black glass eyes and I gave them a little bit of hand shading to reinforce his image. 
Jester (4" with hat)

Last but not least, here comes Rosie the elephant (about 6 inches tall).  She was inspired by “Water for Elephants” (a film based on the novel by Sara Gruen). Her head is a center-seam design, made from rosy tipped mohair. She enjoys smelling the roses, and I garlanded her with four little roses as embellishment. 
Rosie, my first elephant (6")

Besides, I'd like to share with you my happiness : ) Knowing that YuYu Bear is featured on the fall issue of Teddy Bear and Friends as one of the nine emerging teddy artists, I feel so honored ! Can't wait to hold the latest issue in hands, sit back and enjoy reading !! Will post the article on blog once I receive my copy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The B Trio, Lime Soda and a Wizard

Here are my new bears : Banana Daiquiri (back), Banana Milkshake (middle) & Banoffee (a felted chick), together as the B Trio are having fun riding on a bike like trolley and looking for a new home:

The bears are about 6" tall, both are made from yellow alpaca. For the boy, Banana Daiquiri, I used black alpaca for his body. For the sweet girl, white alpaca is used for her limbs. The cute chick, Banoffee is their best friend. It is needle felted and the little round noses of the bears are felted, too.

Lime Soda (about 8.5" tall) is a smaller version of Lollipop. Both are made from white alpaca and pink/green mohair. They have cute faces with round noses felted of wool in matching colors. Besides, their paw pads are made from cotton fabric with polka dots. They are looking for new moms:

I'd also like you to meet the Wizard. When I finished the bear and hand shaded his face, I decided to dress him as a wizard. So I made him a wizard hat and a cape in burgundy color to match the pink mohair. For the staff, I thought in the shape of mushrooms would be fun to make. Thus, he comes with a needle felted staff of mushrooms. I added a string to his hand so as to hold it in place. He's now available for adoption:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Double happiness !!

I'm happy to see my bunny Daisy (with her name and flowers embroidered on foot pads) is featured on the current issue of Teddy Bear Times (Jun/Jul 2011) !

Teddy Bear Times (Issue 193)

Besides, BoBo has arrived his new home in Belgium, a lovely place with delicious chocolates. I'm so excited for him (^O^) Be good and don't eat too much (you already looks so round) !!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new design

Finished my new design with bigger head and cute face, let's welcome Lollipop and Bao Bao the panda. 
For more photos and details, please visit:

Lollipop (10inches) made from pink mohair and white alpaca

Bao Bao (10.25 inches) made from black mohair and white alpaca

Bao Bao and Lollipop

Besides, BoBo who made his debut on my banner is now also available for adoption, wanna be his new mom ?

BoBo (9.75inches) made from lavender straight mohair
Time to work on my bears, hope to show you more new creations soon !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy news to share about my bears

I'm thrilled that my wedding bears are featured on Teddy Bear Times (Apr/May 2011) ! Seeing my work in print is a real buzz !!

Teddy Bear Times (Issue 192)

Besides, my Elf bear was adopted on Etsy and has arrived at his new home in France, just before Easter ! So I can enjoy my holidays without worrying about his journey as he's now by the side of his new mom.

Elf_love nature (19.5cm)

Daisy, my cute bunny would like to wish you a Happy Easter (^O^)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Puff & Daisy are now available on my Etsy shop !!

Just opened my online shop at Etsy where I have a profile since 2009 but didn't try selling my creations there. Now, you're welcome to visit, and enjoy shopping :

I'm happy to introduce my new bear, Puff with his cuddly ginger bear, and more photos of Daisy the bunny as promised. They both are fluffy and endearing, and would love to be hugged (^3^)

Puff (about 9.75") made from fluffy Schulte mohair
crocheted him a scarf with pompon
Daisy (about 13.5") when seated from ears
with beautiful silk ribbon embroidery
with name embroidered on foot pad
made from dense faux fur in buttermilk color

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cowboy "Benji" with paper gun

‎"Bang, bang, bang !!!" My cowboy bear "Benji" is trying to catch people's attention with his paper gun, lol. He's thrilled that YuYu Bear is featured on TBAAF's front page editorial (^O^) 

To know more about my creations and the inspiration behind, 
you're welcome to visit : 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Daisy : my first bunny

Daisy is my first attempt at designing a bunny for Easter and spring. The inspiration came from a piece of my ribbon embroidered daisy, I used it for one of the foot pad and embroidered the name "Daisy" on the other one in purple coton perle. The foot pads are then framed by different colours flock fabric. She is about 13.5 inches tall when seated (from ears), made from dense faux fur in buttermilk colour and ultrasuede for inside ears.

She is sweet and fluffy, hope you like her <3

More photos and details of Daisy and new bears are coming : )
My Etsy shop will be opened soon, stay tuned !

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Bonjour" from Toby

I'm so happy for Toby as he finally arrives at his new home in France and he says "Bonjour!" to everyone while his best friend Yoby is now living in Taiwan : )

Toby (10cm) & Yoby (10.5cm)

Monday, March 7, 2011

The lucky winner is ......

Finally, the moment of finding a new mom for my little Toby has come, by using the True Random Number Generator, a lucky number from 63 names with assigned numbers is generated ............

The lucky number is : 25
According to the list of participants posted, no. 25 "felie771" (Monique Brivet of les Lily'z bears) is the lucky winner (^O^). Congratulations to Monique !!! I'll contact you by email for Toby's new home address. Bear hugs to all of you who joined my blog's first giveaway, will keep sharing more about my bear making through this blog, twitter and newsletter, stay tuned ! 

Thanks again for your participation : ) 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giveaway list

Only a few days left and a lucky winner of my blog's first giveaway will be drawn on 7 Mar. Here is the name list with numbers assigned and a lucky number will be generated by using true random number service. If there's any mistake of your name or number of chances, please don't hesitate to let me know. 

Wanna try your luck and add your name to the list, simply follow my blog, join my mailing list, follow me on twitter, or ............ 
(pls. refer to the related blog entry for more details: ).

 1.  Kelly Previti
 2.  Maggie & Elaine
 4.  Ina
 6.  Temiru
 7.  Елена
 8.  heartbreakerbears
 9.  Bonnie Chang
10. pudra
11. The House Of Genista
12. Terry D
13. June Art Studio
14. news teddy bears
15. Leny - Lediteds
16. Astridbears
17. Wayne Lim (blog)
18. Margret Buchboeck
19. avateddy
20. Cheryl @ Bingle Bears
21. 22. LOK KEI x 2
23. 24. 25. 26. felie771 x 4
27. Kelly
28. 29. dianatphb1 x 2
30. 31. Susan x 2
32. Vikus-ka
33. mireillebegijn
34. Vlinder
35. 36. miss ki x 2
37. Neri
38. Sylvie Cantos
39. 40. Sandra Booth x 2
41. joei
42. nikkinik12
43. tbandfriends
44. blueambrosia
45. gfbears
46. littlescruffs
47. NewAvenueCrew (twitter)
48. fredibear1
49. crowsnestpass
50. Mohairbears
51. ArtOfTeddyBears
52. skyerosebears
53. BearBasicsUK
54. Treacle_Bears
55. Debora (blog)
56. martinlu
57. WaynestonBears (twitter)
58. Wayne Lim (mailing list)
59. Wayne Lim (link on blog)
60. Maria Narbon
61. Natalia
62. Susana Fung
63. Katie Fulford

Can't wait to find a new home for my little Toby : )