Friday, July 22, 2011

New bears and an elephant

Finally, I've finished 6 bears and friends for this month, sorry for keep you waiting !

Let me first introduce my favorite : Oceanna (about 8 inches tall) and babe doll. I tied a bow of ribbon on her head to match her antique blue wavy kid mohair. Besides, I made her a cuddly babe doll to accompany her, which is about 3 inches tall, made from pink sassy with needle felted muzzle and milk bottle. This baby is the smallest bear I've ever made and is also fully cotter pin jointed. Though it's not easy to make miniatures, I'd like to try making even smaller bears as I've got very tiny cotter pin joints.
Oceanna (8") and babe doll (3")

Dimo on the left(about 5.25 inches tall) is made from beige short mink faux fur, has already been adopted. Suma on the right (about 4.25 inches tall) is made from Schulte silk mohair. Though they are brothers, Dimo is an amusing contrast to Suma. Both are inspired by “dim sum”, a type of Chinese meal, and their names, too. Suma comes with the bamboo steamer. 
Dimo (5.25", adopted) and Suma (4.25")

In addition to the babe doll shown in the first photo, I made a completely different miniature from the same pattern. I'd like you to meet Jester (about 4 inches tall with hat secured on head) who is made from pink sassy for head, and vintage velvet rayon for body, limbs and hat. His face is needle felted with a big clown nose and smile. He has black glass eyes and I gave them a little bit of hand shading to reinforce his image. 
Jester (4" with hat)

Last but not least, here comes Rosie the elephant (about 6 inches tall).  She was inspired by “Water for Elephants” (a film based on the novel by Sara Gruen). Her head is a center-seam design, made from rosy tipped mohair. She enjoys smelling the roses, and I garlanded her with four little roses as embellishment. 
Rosie, my first elephant (6")

Besides, I'd like to share with you my happiness : ) Knowing that YuYu Bear is featured on the fall issue of Teddy Bear and Friends as one of the nine emerging teddy artists, I feel so honored ! Can't wait to hold the latest issue in hands, sit back and enjoy reading !! Will post the article on blog once I receive my copy.