Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The B Trio, Lime Soda and a Wizard

Here are my new bears : Banana Daiquiri (back), Banana Milkshake (middle) & Banoffee (a felted chick), together as the B Trio are having fun riding on a bike like trolley and looking for a new home:

The bears are about 6" tall, both are made from yellow alpaca. For the boy, Banana Daiquiri, I used black alpaca for his body. For the sweet girl, white alpaca is used for her limbs. The cute chick, Banoffee is their best friend. It is needle felted and the little round noses of the bears are felted, too.

Lime Soda (about 8.5" tall) is a smaller version of Lollipop. Both are made from white alpaca and pink/green mohair. They have cute faces with round noses felted of wool in matching colors. Besides, their paw pads are made from cotton fabric with polka dots. They are looking for new moms:

I'd also like you to meet the Wizard. When I finished the bear and hand shaded his face, I decided to dress him as a wizard. So I made him a wizard hat and a cape in burgundy color to match the pink mohair. For the staff, I thought in the shape of mushrooms would be fun to make. Thus, he comes with a needle felted staff of mushrooms. I added a string to his hand so as to hold it in place. He's now available for adoption: