Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My new website, banner and logo !!!

* I'm so excited to announce that my new website is up *


Finally, I managed to design and create a new website, though it took me much time and effort !! Actually, I was reluctant to do it when I thought of programming and I had no idea of how. Then, I find out that there are user-friendly sites for people to create free websites, most importantly, no programming at all ! 

I was clumsy in the beginning, many ideas popped up and I had to figure out how to incorporate them in my website. So I started with the image I'd like it to project and selected a template to put my stuff on. Then, adding text and photos bit by bit. When it comes to adding clip art, animation and effect, it was the most amusing part (^O^)

Well, you just need to add a few finishing touches and a website is built, even with flash ! When I look back on the process, it's fun. Although I got stuck sometimes, things were finally sorted and I learnt a lot. 

Thanks hubby for making a beautiful banner to be put on my website and blog, and also redesigning the fish shape logo of YuYu Bear (the original one did not have the heart, no wonder it seemed that something was missing), love the change ♥. Besides, I'd like to thank Pinky for her lovely illustration above, with "Y" on foot pads symbolizing YuYu Bear .

Last but not least, you know you are welcome to drop in anytime, looking forward to your visit : )

Bear hugs,

*** If you'd like to create your own websites, http://www.wix.com/ is the user-friendly site that helped me to design my new website, you can consider to give it a try. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Cupid is my Valentine design, with a pair of wings and the bow & arrow of love Red heart , sending LOVE to everyone.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My blog's first Giveaway

Tomorrow will be Chinese New Year, to celebrate, here comes my first giveaway and a lucky winner will be drawn on 7 Mar, 2011.

Toby (about 4 inches tall)

About the prize : Toby

Toby is OOAK artist bear designed and handcrafted by me, Rita Y. Y. NG.
He is about 10cm (4") tall, made from sassy and flock fabric. He is 5-way cotter pin jointed and filled with polyfibre & BBs to give him a little extra weight.

His face is needle and scissor sculpted with black glass eyes. He has an embroidered nose and mouth. His needle sculpted paw pads are made from ultra suede. He wears a doll coat with hood and the coat is removable.

Toby has “Y” embroidered on his foot pads symbolizing “YuYu Bear”. He is intended for adult collectors, and is not suitable for children.

Toby (naked baby look)
You have a good chance of winning "Toby" by simply :
  • follow my blog
  • join my mailing list
  • follow me on Twitter : http://twitter.com/yuyubear
  • post my blog giveaway link on your blog/website/facebook and let me know you have done so with your web address provided
  • be a collector of my bears (DOUBLE CHANCES for the above mentioned)
Most importantly, leave a comment stating by which completed way you are entitled a chance to win this giveaway before 7 March, 2011, so that I'll count the number of chances for you. If the winner drawn does not reply within 3 days from the draw, a new winner will be drawn.

For example : You're already a follower of my blog (1), then you also follow me on Twitter (1) and join my mailing list (1). Besides, you do me a favor by posting my blog giveaway link on your blog (1)/website (1)/facebook (1). Your chances of winning will be six, and if you adopt my creations before the deadline, that means chances will be doubled. So you may have up to 12 chances to bring Toby home !!! 

Good Luck and Happy Lunar New Year