Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy news to share about my bears

I'm thrilled that my wedding bears are featured on Teddy Bear Times (Apr/May 2011) ! Seeing my work in print is a real buzz !!

Teddy Bear Times (Issue 192)

Besides, my Elf bear was adopted on Etsy and has arrived at his new home in France, just before Easter ! So I can enjoy my holidays without worrying about his journey as he's now by the side of his new mom.

Elf_love nature (19.5cm)

Daisy, my cute bunny would like to wish you a Happy Easter (^O^)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Puff & Daisy are now available on my Etsy shop !!

Just opened my online shop at Etsy where I have a profile since 2009 but didn't try selling my creations there. Now, you're welcome to visit, and enjoy shopping :

I'm happy to introduce my new bear, Puff with his cuddly ginger bear, and more photos of Daisy the bunny as promised. They both are fluffy and endearing, and would love to be hugged (^3^)

Puff (about 9.75") made from fluffy Schulte mohair
crocheted him a scarf with pompon
Daisy (about 13.5") when seated from ears
with beautiful silk ribbon embroidery
with name embroidered on foot pad
made from dense faux fur in buttermilk color

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cowboy "Benji" with paper gun

‎"Bang, bang, bang !!!" My cowboy bear "Benji" is trying to catch people's attention with his paper gun, lol. He's thrilled that YuYu Bear is featured on TBAAF's front page editorial (^O^) 

To know more about my creations and the inspiration behind, 
you're welcome to visit : 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Daisy : my first bunny

Daisy is my first attempt at designing a bunny for Easter and spring. The inspiration came from a piece of my ribbon embroidered daisy, I used it for one of the foot pad and embroidered the name "Daisy" on the other one in purple coton perle. The foot pads are then framed by different colours flock fabric. She is about 13.5 inches tall when seated (from ears), made from dense faux fur in buttermilk colour and ultrasuede for inside ears.

She is sweet and fluffy, hope you like her <3

More photos and details of Daisy and new bears are coming : )
My Etsy shop will be opened soon, stay tuned !