Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter bunny and big bear

My lop-eared bunny, Chiffon (9 inches tall)

Easter is coming, I'd like you to meet Chiffon, a very sweet bunny made from chinchilla Tissavel faux fur, with needle felted eyelids. Love the fur, it really suits her!

with beautiful handmade adornment on head

To make her more girlish, I made her a headband with matching color ribbons & adornments which is tied to her head and can be removed. 

Bunny Chiffon is now available for adoption on Bear Pile:

Rupert, with my signature puffy cheeks and a round needle felted nose.

Besides, a big bear (15.5") was born and has arrived his sweet new home. Rupert who is a commissioned bear made from brown and white alpaca, big and cuddly!!

Comparison of my big bear with mini bear, Rupert (15.5") vs Red Bean (3.5").

And one of my "dim sum" bears, Green Tea was off to Austria, leaving his girlfriend Red Bean behind.

If you'd like to bring her to your sweet new home, please visit: