Friday, January 14, 2011

Before and After

Oops ! Time flies and I didn't update my blog for a few months ......

This year, I'll be more active in the field of artist bears, besides working on a new website to better showcase my creations, will make better use of the blog & Twitter, too. Moreover, I've joined the Guild of Master Bearcrafters and Teddy Bear Artists and Friends, which are great sites to keep in touch with other bear lovers.

Before showing you my new bears, let's take a look of those who have moved to new homes. I miss them all

"Balloon" (10.5cm), made from my favorite green flock fabric, with a bling bling baby shoe charm.

"Fliss" (11.5cm), with "Y" embroidered on foot pad representing YuYu Bear.

This baby bear is 12cm tall, I made a mini sofa for him to play hide-and-seek.

Two pairs of wedding bears, made from mohair.

groom (19cm) & bride (18cm)

"Beano clown" (9.5cm) is placed 2nd in "Miniatures" of "Glaserner Teddybar" 2010.
He stays with me and is surrounded by his friends, it's hard to let them go !!

Having a good start in 2011 as I'm the lucky winner in the miniatures giveaway from the Winter issue of Teddy Bear & Friends (^O^)

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  1. They are gorgeous! My favorite is the one with the mini-sofa, so creative! I wish you a successful and healthy 2011! :-)

  2. Is that you, Natalie ? Thanks for visiting my blog and your blessings (^3^)