Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy ending, good beginning

Last year, I tried for my first time to participate in a Christmas online bear show, it was wonderful experience and some of the show bears found sweet new homes. And it was such a great chance to promote my bear creations and meet new customers. Just before Christmas, one of my previous creations, Holly (the Santa's helper) was adopted by a collector from USA (as mentioned in my previous post), she then sent me sweet comments of the bear arrived and adopted bunny Chiffon before year end. I'm so happy for them as they're now living merrily with their loving new mom.


At the beginning of 2013, another collector has adopted two girlish bears, Sakura and CoCo from YuYu Bear. The collectors' support and their sweet comments is great motivation for me to design and create more lovable bears and friends. Hope to show you my new bears soon, stay tuned! If you'd like to receive latest news about my new creations, you're cordially invited to join my mailing list : )



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