Thursday, September 29, 2011

Christmas themed bears

Though I'm still working on autumn themed bears, I've finished three Christmas bears and they're delighted to say "Merry Christmas" (a bit early) to my blog readers.

Let's meet Rudolphmade from white string mohair, is inspired by a white Christmas. I needle felted his muzzle, nose & mouth, and named him Rudolph because of the big red nose. His ear pads are hand shaded in green, and he wears a big red bell around his neck. Besides, his paw pads are made from checkered cloth in matching colours.

Rudolph is about 10.25 inches tall.

Twinkle is made from white curled mohair & antique blue wavy kid mohair. I gave her eyes a bit of hand shading in blue as she’s a panda. Besides, I needle felted her muzzle, nose and mouth. Her paw pads are made from ivory wool felt and needle sculpted. She wears a crystal bell ornament from Swarovski to match the Christmas theme.

Twinkle is about 8.25 inches tall.

Holly, the Santa’s helper, is about 6.25 inches tall and 8.25” with hat. Besides yellow alpaca for head, red and green mohair is used to make him a Christmas themed bear. I needle felted his nose in brown with tiny holly on it to reinforce his image. He wears matching color embellishment around his neck and a red hat to complete his characteristic look.

Holly is about 6.25 inches tall and 8.25” with hat.

They are now available for adoption on my Etsy shop:

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