Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Halloween bear

Here comes my Halloween design, Mollie, a sweet (not scary) panda witch, made from white alpaca and apricot mohair.

Mollie is about 6.25 inches tall and 7.5” with hat.

Usually, I scissor sculpt puffy cheeks for my bears. However, as I'd like to practise more on needle felting, I not only felted her a round nose, but also needle felted the muzzle and mouth.

She wears a cat pendant and a witch hat.

She is now available for adoption on my etsy shop: 

She has amber glass eyes and hand shading around the eyes.

Halloween reminds me of witch, black cat, Jack-o'-lantern, pumpkin, fallen leaves and ............... autumn. I'm working on autumn themed bears, stay tuned.

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