Monday, November 21, 2011

BBAA and Pretty Toys

DaDa, 1st place (International artist) British Bear Artist Awards
I'm so thrilled that my panda, DaDa has won first place in British Bear Artist Awards (International category). And I'm delighted to know what the judges said about my bear:

"Delightful airbrushing on the eyes",  "Beautifully cub like",  "Wonderful shaping on the face". These valuable comments are an encouragement to me, and I'll keep designing and creating more lovable bears and friends in the coming year : )

Besides, I'd like to share with you a feature of YuYu Bear on the latest issue of "Pretty Toys" magazine from Russia (English version) No.4-2011.

Artist profile of YuYu Bear on Pretty Toys

Article written in both Russian and English

Photos of my creations and descriptions

A full page photo of my first ellie, Rosie

For 30 days you can download the digital version of "Pretty Toys" for free:  

Don't miss the chance!


  1. good to hear positive comments, and such a great chance for the exposure.

  2. Yes, +ve comments motivate me to keep chasing my dream and thanks for the internet that we now have more chances to show our creations to bear lovers around the world!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments :)

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