Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter bears

Cherry Plum (the Red Riding Hood) and Cotton Candy (the snow angel)

Here comes my latest design, two winter themed girlish bears, please meet Cherry Plum and Cotton Candy : ) Haven't used my crochet needle for a while, as it's a bit chilly now, wanna crochet something pretty to keep my bear warm. So I crocheted a red cape for Cherry Plum to complete her innocent look. Besides, I like to try something new from time to time, I added eyelashes to my bear for the first time which made her more charming! She's now looking for a new home:

Cherry Plum (10") with crocheted red cape

For Cotton Candy, this little angel wears a feathered skirt and a pair of feathered wings, with a green wreath secured on her head. She's a peaceful sweetie who brings with her love to warm people's heart! If you'd like to bring her home:

Cotton Candy (5") with feathered wings and skirt

Christmas is coming, I'm busy knitting and crocheting, have already knitted a few ruffled scarf and crocheted hats as presents. Then, I'd like to crochet a shawl for myself, will start working on it, hope to show you some photos on my next post ...........  

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